Economic features and Investment Potential

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Potential and Advantages of Commercial Section

According to 1393 (2014) export statistics, exports from Yazd Customs with regard to volume were 1489 thousand tons and with regard to value was 539 million dollars of which 92 percent was the share of industrial products, 7 percent was the share of agricultural products, and 1 percent was the share of mineral products.

The most important target countries for export are: Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, , , Turkey and Georgia , india , Netherlands and Syria.

The most important export goods are: tile, pistachios and pistachio kernel, telecommunication cable, building glass, Ferro Molybdenum, and cement

From the most important of capabilities and advantages of commerce section it can be pointed to:

  • The growth of the province's exports in the last 13 years is twice the average growth of the country
  • 98% of the province's exports is non-oil.
  • Being located in the center of the country and vicinity to goods transit route (North-South and East-West corridors) and special position of its roads and railways
  • Numerous industries and mines able to produce exportable goods
  • The great project of dry harbor which is under construction
  • Long-standing experience of the province in trading and national and international operations in this regard
  • Historical background of the province in textile, handmade carpets, handicrafts, pottery and jewelry, and etc. exports
  • High potential of the province in producing and exporting dried nuts & fruits and agricultural products
  • Developed technical infrastructures and high potential of human force in the province (extensive network of optical fiber, high penetration coefficient of telephone and internet, large number of computer science and engineering graduates, and etc.)