Social and Cultural Characteristics

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Demographic features

On the basis of general population and housing census in 1390 (2011), the province's population is 1074428 persons (1.43% of the country's population) with 310084 households. Nearly 82/8% of the population live in the cities and 17/2% live in rural areas. The average of annual growth rate of population during 1385(2006) to 1390(2011) was 1.63%. From the total population of the province in 1390(2011), 553564 were male and 520864 were female, so the sexual proportion of province's population is 106. The population aggregation of the province is low and is 13.5 persons in each square kilometer. The maximum of population aggregation is in Yazd city with 235 persons. The population of the city increased to 1076302 (2015)

During 1385(2006) to 1390(2011), the population of the province experienced an increase of 80384 persons. A part of this increase is because of emigration. The amount of emigration from other provinces to yazd during these years was 62621 persons and the number of immigration from this province was 24559 persons. So, during these years, emigration has added 38062 persons to the population of the province which is 3/54 percent of the total number of province's population. The emigrants are mostly university students and men looking for employment. In 1385 (2006), the birth rate in the province was 2/08% and the mortality rate was 2/03%.