Investment Infrastructures

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The amount of the consumed electricity in the province is less than the capacity of its power stations. Utilizing the power stations that are in the pipeline, the electricity production of the province not only compensates for the consumption growth in the future, but also transfers its surplus to the nation-wide network and can support industrial development of the province.

The major electricity production projects in the province include completion of a combined cycle power station with 500 MW capacity in Ardakan, and construction of two combined cycle power stations with 100MW capacity in Yazd and another one with 500MW capacity in Bafgh by private sector by means of B.O.O method.

In order to increase private section’s partnership in producing electricity by means of scattered power stations (small scale), the province has an agenda to provide the amenities and has prepared the ground for the investors and in this regard 40MW is being used now and about 100MW is invested and in this regard Yazd is a pioneer.

The present capacity in this regard, considering the investment done in the infrastructures, is ready to attract the investors. Yazd province is among the best provinces in this regard.

At present, 70% of the electricity is used in industry, 11% in agriculture and the rest is used in other sections. These statistics demonstrate the potential for productive activities in the province.

  1. With regard to the outstanding geographical situation and the present electrical grids and as the energy intersection of the country, the province of Yazd exchanges energy with the provinces of Khorasan, Kerman, and Isfahan through 400 KW lines and with the province of Fars though the 230 KW line.
  2. The rated capacity of the power plants of the province is 2000 MW which is higher than the peak consumption of the province which is 1158 MW of which 68.2% is consumed in industry and mine section, 10.5% in agriculture, 14.4% in household, and 6.8% in public and business that indicates how active the industry and mine section is in the province.
  3. After communicating the instruction of small scale gas generators in 2009 it was possible to make the contracts of 5-year guarantied purchase of electricity generated by small scale gas generators. The permits issued in this regard include the capacity of 250 MW at present of which 106 MW has the guarantied purchase contracts with TAVANIR and about 50MW is currently used and this capacity will be increased to 80MW before April 2016. At present the basic price of energy conversion for making contract is 900 Rials, in addition the gas fee has become barter since the April 2015.
  4. With regard to the high solar energy potential of the province (the average sundial of 3300 in a year and radiation energy of 5.3 KWh/m2 per day) and the vast and flat area and with regard to the geographical situation of the province and the possibility of making contract of guaranteed purchase for a period of 20 years which is 6750 Rials for per KWh in power plant scale (from 100KW to 10 MW) 9770 Rials for per KWh in household scale (up to 20 KW) in 2015, an appropriate ground is prepared to extend solar energy consumption in both power plant and household sections in the province. In addition in the case of increasing demands for installing photovoltaic systems in both power plant and household scales there will be the possibility of direct employment related to the key activities of this section and there will also be the possibility of investment opportunity of producing solar panels.