General characteristics of Yazd province

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Protected Regions

Yazd province has one national park (Siahkuh)، two wildlife shelters (Boorogeeh in Khatam ، Dare Anjr in Ardakan)، four protected regions (Bafgh mountain ، Bagh-e-Shadi forest in Khatam ، Kalmand in Bahadoran ، Siahkuh in Ardakan)، five hunting prohibited areas (Shirkuh in Taft ، Marvar in Meybod ، Ariz in Bafgh ، Taghestan pan in Abarkuh) and one national natural monument (Abarkuh cypress).

Totally about 9 percents of Yazd province’s area is under the supervision of Department of Environmental Protection (except for hunting prohibited areas).

The province’s desert ecosystems are among the most important habitats of valuable native wildlife such as Iranian deer, moose, Cheetah, Bustard, different types of fowl-hen (grouse), alum and different kinds of hunting birds.

Wildlife habitats, animal and vegetation diversity، natural attractions and potential of developing ecotourism and tourism industry in the province, unique samples of natural ecosystems and forests with rare and old trees as genetic resources are environmental potential of the province.