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Yazd’s Especial Zone of Science and Technology

Yazd province has several industrial and service potentials from which some are nationally and internationally significant. Among them and in industry we can refer to tile and ceramic, textile, solar energy, and from service section we can refer to tourism, health, education, and research services. With regard to the natural features and limitations and with regard to the human potentials and capacities, the development process has always tended to move toward high tech and green industries. The establishment of Yazd’s Especial Zone of Science and Technology indicates the efforts to move in this way. The role of Yazd’s Especial Zone of Science and Technology is to provide integration and macro management of resources and capacities of the province aiming to develop Yazd to be an especial zone of science and technology focusing on the IT and telecommunication, and electronics. Yazd’s Especial Zone of Science and Technology is one of the first centers of this kind in the country and is trying to achieve its goals and horizons in the future. To major mission of this center to achieve its goals is to connect the elements necessary to develop technology and services and grant the facilities to real and legal persons at national and international levels to:

  • Create knowledge-based economy in the province;
  • Develop value creating employment in the province;
  • Create competitive and synergistic atmosphere among the elements in the science and technology domain in the province;
  • Attract and keep the human capitals in the province;

The main activity of Yazd’s Especial Zone of Science and Technology is to prepare the ground to use the technologies that have priority (IT, telecommunication, and electronics) in the industrial and service units of the province that have priority. In other words, Yazd’ss Especial Zone of Science and Technology aims to develop advanced green and low water consumption industries focusing on the six advantages of the province using tax, financial, and non-financial incentives aiming to create added value. According to the priorities of Yazd’s Especial Zone of Science and Technology, the applicants must consider the following items:

  • Environmental standards
  • Low water consumption activities
  • Using prime IT services in the in the industrial, production, or service units
  • Commitment to research and development

The most important measures taken in Yazd’s Especial Zone of Science and Technology

(According to the native model of business)

Analyzing the region, data collection in 19 lyres, determining the present usage, defining the new usage,

Physical area

The components of native model of business in the region and the measures taken

Financial plan

Determining the main expenses, predicting the source and main incomes, and predicting the incomes and costs in a 3-year interval.

Market plan

Organizational plan

Determining the legal and organizational structures, holding the executive board sessions, …

Determining different types of service in 7 categories, grouping the target customers, determining the general conditions to be accepted and supported, determining operational plans, ….

Geographical extent

Yazd’s Especial Zone of Science and Technology is along the connective axis of Mehriz-Yazd-Ardekan. Five main cities of the province (Yazd, Ardekan, Meybod, Ashkezar, Mehriz) are in this domain and it is the focus of the main sources and potentials of the province.

This area is geopolitically important in such a way that many significant infrastructures have been provided there including:

  • Many creditable scientific and educational centers
  • Science and technology park
  • Elites Foundation
  • Industrial clusters of tile, ceramic, textile, …
  • Advanced health centers
  • A branch of Royan institute
  • Special Economic Zone
  • Many industrial parks
  • Technical centers of IT and telecommunication
  • Railway connective axis
  • Road connective axis
  • International airport
  • Dry harbor
  • Outstanding industrial and service units in ICT and electronics
  • International fair
  • Yazd great stadium
  • Welfare and service centers