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Yazd is located in the center of the province. Its population is 632294 (2015) persons, its area is 2479 km2. It includes four counties (Yazd, Zarch, Shahedieh and Hamidia), two main districts and four rural districts. In fact more than half of the province's population lives in this city. The main industrial centers of the provinces are centralized in this city. Knitting and clothing industries which are the most important industrial groups of the province are active particularly in this city. In addition, industries related to alloy steel, chemical and plastic industries and wire and cable production are also the main industries of the city.

Yazd's location is of great importance both geographically and politically. The necessary infrastructures for trading have been provided by Yazd customs. Commercially, this city has a considerable cold storage capacity and many ware-houses.

In spite of limited water resources in the province, in this city, agricultural products such as wheat, barley, saffron, pomegranate, pistachio, grapes, greenhouse products, and livestock products are produced.

The most important tourist attractions of the province are located in this city, such as: Jameh-e-kabir Mosque, Ziaieh School, Amir Chaghmagh Complex, Bagh-e-Dolat Abad and Zoroastrians' Fire Temple.

From the most important benefits of investigation in this city it can be can be pointed to: being the capital of the province, suitable infrastructures for industrial development such as industrial parks and special economic zone, investors’ easy access to target markets, technical and engineering services needed for industrial activities, remedial services, higher education, better services, expert labor force and valuable historical texture.