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Ardakan is located with a 60 km distance from the province's capital in the Northwest. Its area is 23807 km2. Its population is 97960 persons. This city has three main districts and five rural districts. Ardakan is one of the most important pistachio, madder and pomegranate producing regions of the province. Camel breeding, poultry and industrial cattle rearing are also flourishing in the city. Great learned men and numerous historical buildings and relics such as caravansaries (Khargooshi, Robat-e-Posht-e-Badam, Anjiri Stone, Allah Abadi), Jameh Mosque, Zoroastrians’ shrines such as Pir-e-Harisht, Pir-e-Sabz in Chak Chak and Pir-e-Pars Banoo are evidence of Ardakan’s brilliant historical and cultural backgrounds. Great industries of iron and steel, the great industrial and mining complex of Chadormalou, ARFA Iron and Steel Company, textile, automobile manufacturing, food, tile, and glass industries are the valuable capacity of this city. Industrial development potential especially in steel industries, the possibility of mineral development considering rich mines of iron, uranium, ornamental stones, industrial soil, industrial infrastructures (Ardakan industrial park and Aghda industrial area), its location beside the transit road and its long history in the handicrafts industry are some of the potential and capacities of this city. Enjoying from encouragement and supports of investment in less developed regions is another privilege of the city.