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Ashkezar city is located with a 22 km distance from the province's capital in the Northwest. Its area is 1813 km2 and its population is 32566 persons. The capital of this city is Ashkezar. This city has two main districts (central and Khezr Abad) and two rural districts. Industry and agriculture are the main sources of employment in the area. Agriculture and livestock husbandry in this region are limited to producing such products as greenhouse cultivation, vegetables, pistachio, pomegranate, grape, industrial aviculture, horse breeding and livestock husbandry. The most important tourist attractions of the city are: Rig Mosque in Majoumerd, Jameh Mosque in Nodooshan, Soltan Mahmoud Complex (Khaneghah , Jameh Mosque, Hosseinieh, cistern, tomb and tower), watermill in Ashkezar, Shamsi caravansary, seven-wind tower cistern in Asr Abad. Easy access to the province's capital, vicinity and easy access to six cities of Yazd province and Esfahan province, infrastructures for industrial development such as two industrial parks, one industrial area and one industrial zone, national project of Alloy Steel, mines and natural resources such as copper, iron, building stones, clay, ... as well as encouragement and supports of investment in less developed region Khezrabad, are the privileges of the city. The tile industry, ceramic and steel industry, as well as the construction of power generating plants, are widespread in this city at recent years.