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The city is the farthest east of the province with a 200 km distance from the province's capital. It is located in the rolling hills between two mountain ranges. The population of the city is 17221 persons and its area is 6814 km2. It has two main districts and tree rural districts. Bahabad plain is one of the fertile plains of the province. Agriculture and livestock husbandry are flourishing in the city because of rich aquifers of Bahabad plain. From the agriculture productions of the city we can refer to cotton, saffron, cumin, pistachio, apricot and grape. Different kinds of medical plants are among the capacities for investment in the province. Considering mine and mineral reservoir such as iron, uranium, coal, asbestos, fire proof cotton, and ornamental stones Bahabad is rich and many mines of the city are still unexploited. Carpet weaving is one of the Handicraft of the city. Enjoying from encouragement and supports of investment in less developed regions is another privilege of the city.