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Investment services center of Yazd province

The Center for Foreign Investment Services was established in order to provide a practical and suitable organization towards facilitating and expediting affaires related to foreign investment.

In these centers, fully authorized representatives from the relevant executive organizations are present including the Ministry of Foreign affairs, the Ministry of Commerce, and the ministry of cooperatives,labor and social welfare, the Ministry of Industries and Mines, the Ministry of Jihad-e- Agriculture and also the State Tax Organization, the Customs of the Islamic Republic of Iran, the Central Bank, the General Directorate for Registration of Companies and Intellectual Property, and the Department of Environment Protection to make necessary relationships with their organizations about foreign investment. These centers provide services to foreign investors and those interested in gaining more information in this regard.

Key Services Offered by the Center Include:

  • Dissemination of information and offering consulting services to foreign investors about admission and protection of foreign investment plans
  • Necessary coordination concerning issuance of visa, residence permission and issuance of working license
  • Necessary coordination about foreign investment concerning the stages after working license issuance such as registration of joint companies, registration of orders to import machinery and equipments, affaires related to capital import and export, affaires related to customs, tax, and etc.
  • Necessary coordination with executive branches of the organizations related to the foreign investor's requests
  • Supervision over the proper implementation of agreements concluded for foreign investment plans

Organization of affaires in “The Center for Foreign Investment Services” is done in such a way that the foreign investor has an easy access to the required information and strategies and there is no need for repeated visiting of executive organization. The centre services are not limited to stages before investment and can be offered during the life time of the projects.

Address :Emem Khomeini St. after masjid jame St, malie Building, Yazd. Iran

Tel: +98-353-36209431-4
Fax: +98-35-36233572

E-mail: info@investinyazd.ir
Web site: www.investinyazd.ir