Social and Cultural Characteristics

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Cultural Characteristics

Yazd province is one of the ancient provinces of Iran neighboring other ancient provinces such as: Fars, Esfahan, Kerman and Khorasan and had been one of the important crossing points (Tarigh-al-Reza or Velayat road which is the road Imam Reza traversed and Silk Road) in different periods of the history. Culture as well as national and religious customs of Yazdi people have been remained intact and have been protected from foreign invasions because of its location in the center of Iran. Hard working, hospitality and warm heartedness of these people are proverbial. Eagerness for protecting the customs and current national and religious values are evident characteristics of the people in this territory. Honesty and being economical, stability against natural limitations and peaceful coexistence with desert are features of the Yazdi people. Protection of the religious values has been the cause that Yazd is known as the city of worship. All these features have made Yazd be introduced as the main center of security from Iranians, entrepreneurs, and investors view point.