Economic features and Investment Potential

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Potential and Advantages of Educational and Research Services

Numerous scientific and academic centers in addition to governmental and private research centers, Science and Technology Park and development centers and great potential of graduates and intellectuals have made Yazd province the main center of development and training needed human force and one of the most important centers of knowledge production and dissemination.

The most important potential and advantages of educational and research services sector are the following:

  • Special attention of Yazdi families to education and historical and social backgrounds in people contributions for social and charitable activities
  • High quality educational services in the province
  • Several scientific and research centers
  • Prepared grounds for developing applied and theoretical research in new fields (nanotechnology and biotechnology), and offering specialized knowledge oriented services
  • Enjoyment of numerous state and private higher education centers with capable faculty and appropriate educational spaces and aids in the province
  • Numerous technical and vocational education centers and trained human force in the province