General characteristics of Yazd province

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Historical Background

This Province holds a civilization dating back to 3000 BC. The firstmost features of civilizations related to subterranean canal (qanat) has been accounted to that period. The present name of the city 'Yazd' has been derived from (Yasht) or (Yazt) or (Yasan) which means benediction, worship or God respectively, and that’s why in some ancient records Yazd is called “Dar Al-Ebadeh” which means the 'City of worship'. According to some historians, construction of Yazd (the capital of Yazd province) can be attributed to Alexander of Macedonia (due to the prison built after his invasion and named after him), the Pishdadiyan era or the Sassanid rule (Yazdigerd I). Greek historians have called this ancient city 'Isatis'. They believe that maybe it was after its destruction that the city of 'Kasse' emerged. Kasse is the primary core of the present city and was the governmental and economic centre of Yazd in Islamic era. City of Yazd, after Venice in Italy, is the second historical city of the world regarding its adobe architecture which has a global reputation.