Social and Cultural Characteristics

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Human Force and Employment

The population's sex-age structure and its age groups manifest the position of province considering the activity age. According to the statistics reported by the province’s labor force plan, the rate of province’s activity in 2016 was 40.8 % indicating 0.3% of negative growth comparing to the same period in the year before. This rate shows that the activity rate of men and women are 63.5% and 17.2% respectively which is for men is lower than the csountry’s average and for women is upper than the country’s average (men 64.1% and women 14.9) The unemployment rate of the province in 1395(2016) was 12.8%. Comparing with unemployment rate of the country which was 12.4%, the province has a little diffrance. The employment share of different economic parts manifest that in 1395(2016), 8.3% of the province's employees were in agricultural section, 45.4% were in industrial section and 46.3% were in service section