Investment Licensing Procedure

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Documents Required by the OIETAl for the Isuance Of Foreign Investment Licensing Procedure

  1. Application Form
  2. Establishment License / Primary agreement / Preliminary agreement of the pertinent Iranian organization
  3. Official letter of the foreign investor to submit to the OIETAl
  4. The foreign investors background including a brief history of the company ,the year of establishment area of activities in case of foreign investor is a natural person , a photocopy of passport and resume will be provided.
  5. A list of machinery, equipments and CKD part which may be imported into the country as a part of the foreign investors capital (if available).
  6. In case that part of the foreign investor’s share is in the form of technical know –how, a draft of the contract outlining the conditions of the transfer of technology.
  7. Any further useful information.