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Mehriz city is located with a 30 km distance from the province’s capital in the South. Its area is 6724 km2 and its population is 51733 persons. It has one main district and five rural districts. Due to its natural gifts it is popular as “the garden of Yazd city”. The extension of the Shirkouh mountains range in the West part of the city has caused rich underground water resources and appropriate climatic conditions comparing to other parts of the province. Because of the lands' fertility, most people living in this area are employed in agriculture. From agricultural products of the city it can be referred to: pistachio, walnut, almond, fig, plum, apricot, wheat, barley and green house cultivations. Livestock husbandry is done in a traditional way in addition to modern cattle breeding, poultry farming and Apiculture. Having many tourist attractions such as: the beautiful spring of Gharbal Biz, Koh-e-Rig recreational center, glorious historical adobe monuments, and etc. the city has always been ready to welcome many foreign and domestic tourists. The other historical and natural attractions of Mehriz are: Khormiz historical castle, engraved stones in the Arnan mountain, Estahrige bathroom (anthropology museum), castle, caravansary,Zein-al-Din, Saryazd Chapar khaneh , Bagh-e-Pahlavanpour, Pir-e-Naroki shrine and Mang Abad old cypress. In mine and industry section, it can be pointed to one industrial park, two industrial areas, one industrial zone, 3000-tone cement production unit of Bahrouk, Mahdi Abad Zinc and lead mines, and building stones especially Sefidkouh marble. The main handicraft produces of this city are: carpet weaving, blacksmithing, Serishom , Giveh swing, basket weaving and knife making. Various climatic conditions, fertile soil and water, infrastructures for industrial development such as industrial park, stone town, Yazd Mehr township, Arnan and Bahadoran industrial areas, the great project of the first dry harbor of the country, protected areas of Kalmand and Bahadoran and vicinity to North-South connective axis and province's capital are the other potential and capacities of this city.