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Meybod city is located with a 50 km distance from the province's capital in the Northwest. Its area is 5053 km2 and its population is about 99727 persons. Meybod has three main district and five rural districts. The county of Meybod (the capital of the city) with several thousand years of history, is the second urban and trading center of the province. Because of the valuable historical texture, the whole city has been registered in the Iran historical relics. This city is the center of knitting Zilou and producing Iranian hand-made pottery and the main base of producing tiles and ceramics in the province and the country. Infrastructures for industrial development such as two industrial parks, one specialized zone, one industrial area, steel complex and the possibility of developing steel industries, numerous tile and ceramic complexes, numerous under construction industrial units and petro-chemical related industries are the remarkable industrial privileges the city.Its unique location near the main connective roads of the North and the South of the country (Transit route), its historical tourist attractions (Narin Ghaleh, Chapar Khaneh (post museum), Adobe Refrigerator, Jameh Mosque, caravansary, Kaboutar Khaneh Tower, Khadijeh Khatoon shrine, moats of Meybod, Barjin castle, pottery museum, Mehrjerd castle), handicraft products such as pottery dishes and zilou are the other capacities and potential of this city.