Economic features and Investment Potential

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Potential and Advantages of Monetary and Financial Services

Developed countries have started economic growth and development since long ago. They have attached importance to accumulation of capital and equipping capital resources and allocating them to productive processes.

Among the activities done by these countries to achieve sustainable economic growth it can be referred to creating and equipping capital formation markets and increasing strengthening of stock markets.

These markets have paved the way for attracting capital and guide it toward beneficial investments through preparing the ground for exchanging and transitioning of different types of stocks such as shares, bonds ,and surplus funds of people and economic agencies.

The most important potential and advantages of monetary and financial services sector are the following:

  • Powerful private section and high average of tendency toward saving in the province.
  • Extensive banking network and higher proportion of branches -especially that of private banks and monetary &credit institutions- to the population comparing to the rest of country.
  • High penetration coefficient of insurance and extensive insurance network in the province comparing to the rest of country
  • Active regional stock market in the province