Investment Infrastructures

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The amount of the consumed electricity in the province is less than the capacity of its power stations. Utilizing the power stations that are in the pipeline, the electricity production of the province not only compensates for the consumption growth in the future, but also transfers its surplus to the nation-wide network and can support industrial development of the province. The major electricity production project in the province includes completion of a combined cycle power station with 500 MW capacity in Bafgh, by private sector by means of B.O.O method. Considering the plan to construct a 5,000 MW renewable plant during the sixth development plan of the country and the proper location of Yazd province, as well as the possibility of guaranteed purchase contracts for 20 years with government by the end of 1396 Over 500 MW of permits have been issued that Of these, 170 MW have PPA contract in the form of 15 companies, and by the end of 1396, the capacity of the solar power plants will be up to 20 MW. In addition, the construction of a 150 MW Ardakan solar power plant has been approved by the SATBA and all necessary infrastructure has been provided, including the allocation of land and obtaining relevant permits. These opportunities in Yazd province has made it possible to create direct jobs related to the key activities of this sector in the face of increased demand for installing photovoltaic systems in small powerplants, and it will be provide investment opportunities for producing solar panels.

  1. Yazd province as energy crossroads of the country through 400 kilovolt lines with the provinces of Khorasan, Kerman and Isfahan and through the 230 kV line with Fars province exchanges energy.
  2. The nominal capacity of Yazd province's designated power plants is 2,700 MW while the power consumption peak in Yazd province is 1432 MW. This amount of consumed energy is 71.2% in the industrial and mining sectors, 9.1% in agriculture, 13.2% in households and 6.5% in public and commercial sectors.
  3. By announcing the Small Gas Scale Generation Instructions in 2008, it was possible to conclude five-year guaranteed power purchase contracts with small-scale generators. The licenses issued in this regard have been more than 300 MW, of which 218 MW have PPA contract and about 115 megawatts have been exploited.