Social and Cultural Characteristics

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Social Characteristics

In refuge of the adobe walls, limpid and significantly intact culture of people of Yazd (called Yazdi), which is deeply rooted in a rich Iranian-Islamic culture, has been protected. Yazdi people are noble Iranian and from the Aryan race and because of the specific geographical position of the province, it has been less mixed with other races. Their language is Persian with Yazdi accent. The people's religion is Islam and their sect is Jafari Shi'a. Other common religions of the province are Zoroastrian, Christianity and Judaism. Followers of these religions live peacefully together with Muslims. This province is proud that people from all over Iran know it as the gem in desert ring and call it “Dar Al-Ebade ”. The prominent characteristic of Yazdi people is their loyalty to common national values and their ardent desire to protect them. Being honest and unadorned, frugality, thriftiness, patience and being resistant against aggression of the nature and peaceful coexistence with desert are some of their social features.