Investment Infrastructures

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Special Economic Zone

The formal activity of Special Economic Zone of the province and construction operation was started in 1386(2007), this zone is located in a 10 km distance from Yazd province and its area is about 570 hectares. The activities of the zone are in three sections of industry, trade, and service. So far 39 contracts with industrial units active in textile, electricity, automobile manufacturing, food ... domains were signed. The affairs related to importing and exporting goods are done in this zone. Its location near national railway network, Yazd international airport, Tehran-Bandar Abbas road and the city of Yazd, having customs and vicinity to public storehouse complex and Yazd industrial park with more than 600 industrial units have paved the way for a rapid economic development of the region. All the infrastructure facilities such as water, electricity, gas ... are ready for the economic units

Legal Advantages of Investment in Yazd Special Economic Zone:

  • Exemption of all imported equipment and machinery from customs tax.
  • No need to register order on raw materials and imported parts and also on the productions of the Zone.
  • Exemption of the Zone’s trade -after registering in the customs- with other countries and other special economic zones and free industrial-trade zones, from customs rights, commercial benefits and all the import and export duties.
  • Exemption of real persons to pay common duties of the country for activities in the Zone.
  • Service and production activities in the Zone are excepted from labor law and conform to the rules and regulations of free zones in matters related to manpower employment and work relations, insurance and social security, no prohibition for transferring all or parts of goods imported to the Zone to others by means of the transactional warehouse receipt which can be issued by the manager of the Zone.
  • No restrictions for long-term stops of different kinds of goods and raw materials coming to the Zone and no need to be worry about them being abandoned, by the diagnosis of the Zone’s manager.
  • Issuing commercial card and departure certificate for goods to be exported from the Zone by Special Economic Zone Organization.

Generally speaking, the benefits of investment in Yazd Special Economic Zone are: being in the vicinity of province’s capital, international airport, Tehran-Bandar Abbas divided transit road, national-wide railway and Yazd Industrial Park, its location in the center of the country and in the (North-South) (East-West) corridors and its geopolitical position as sustainable national security zone.