Economic features and Investment Potential

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Potential and Advantages of Commercial Section

Different quantitative and qualitative indices in public health and medical care section, special advantages of the province regarding high quality of remedial services, lower cost comparing with other provinces and even other countries (in some services such the infertility treatment), considerable expertise and experience of specialized physicians of the province, people's serious participation in the development of needed infrastructures in this section, and reputation of the Yazdi physicians have made Yazd the apex of public health and medical care in the country.

Among the most important potentials and benefits of Specialist health care services, we can mention the following:

  • Research and remedial centers affiliated to Medical Science University especially Infertility Research Center, Heart Research Center and Diabetes Research Center of the province
  • Relatively equipped hospitals and remedial centers in the cities and the province capital
  • Capable faculty members with appropriate academic degrees
  • Geographical situation of Yazd province and potential of being considered as determined province for neighboring provinces and the South-East provinces of the country in emergency conditions

High capacity of the private section in offering suitable remedial services and offering specialized and ultra-specialized services and high capacity of the province’s hospitals