Investment Infrastructures

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Yazd has 640 km of main roads, 960 km of secondary roads, 727 km of highways, and doesn’t have freeway. The length of rural roads (asphalted, graveled and earthen) is 5876 km Which is about 2275 km of that paved road. The province has 1086 km of railway and an airport with the capacity of 3007 flights annually (657161 people in national flights and 46741 people in international flights were transferred).

  • Yazd province connects southwest of the country to Northeast through Abarkouh-Yazd-Tabas connective axes and South to North through Shemsh-Mehriz-Yazd-Naein-Chopanan highway and North to Southeast through Ravar-Naiband-Deihok axes.
  • Rich mines and big industrial units in this region and the necessity to transfer minerals and industrial production to other provinces and countries had provided Yazd with a unique transit position in the country. Now the province possesses the first rank in "railway freight tonnage" and seventh rank in" million tones-kilometer transited goods from the province (road)" in the country.