Economic features and Investment Potential

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Potential and Advantages of Transportation Services

Yazd province with historical backgrounds in enjoyment of main networks of roads for transportation of silk and spices is of regional, national and global importance. Considering geographical position and connectivity, Yazd province is located in the place of interface between North-South and West-East connective roads and is one of the most important provinces with regard to combined transportation. In other words this province has a hinterland role and logistic importance for border provinces and the provinces in the margin of Persian Gulf and Oman Sea and even the North-East and East provinces.

The most important capabilities and benefits of the Transportation Services sector are the following

  • Being located in the center of the country and vicinity to goods transit route (North-South and East-West corridors) and the special position of its roads and railways (with respect to implementation of Bafgh-Mashhad railway and approve of Yazd-Shiraz railway construction by the Council of Ministers)
  • The potential to become national center of loading, unloading, and distribution of goods considering the geostrategic and geopolitical position of the province
  • The relative enjoyment of infrastructures and road, rail and air transportation facilities with national and international operations in this regard
  • Necessary facilities f or combined transportation (rail and road)