Economic features and Investment Potential

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Potential and Advantages of Urban Civil

System of population settlement in Yazd province is made because of its special geographical situation and constant contention with desertification and natural hardships and hard efforts for accessing to water and generally Yazd province has higher urban coefficients in comparison with the whole of the country. Statistics show that urbanization ratio in the province in 1395 (2016) was equal to 85.3% that is upper then the average of it for country (74%)

Development of cities and changing the population age pyramid in the past two decades and a rise in the share of adolescents and youth beside to increasing the number of people over 60 years old in the cities of the province due to increased life expectancy index, has made a new requirements in the attitude to the urban development which should be paid attention in the framework of developing infrastructures, facilities and urban facilities.

Also considering age-sexual structure of population in the province and population, current need for housing, construction of residential units is one of the main priorities for urban development.

The most important potential and advantages of urban civil sector are the following:

  • Enjoyment of desert architecture and urban development and historical, valuable and unique texture
  • High rate of urbanization in the province
  • Old rural cores in the cities operating as urban garden