In desert areas such as Yazd province agriculture is of great importance for the economic role it plays in the society and also for being a vital factor for the continuation of life, so by the reduction of agriculture in rural areas, the resistance bases against desert would be destroyed and the whole life of the society will be at risk and that’s why agriculture section in the province has a special importance.

Tendency towards developing greenhouse cultivations is one of the remarkable points in developing agriculture section in recent years and is the source of farmers’ pride.

Yazd agriculture best ranks:

First in production of madder in the country
First in production of quail and Quebec meats
First in the development of the noble Arab horse in the country
First ranking in the production of chicken meat per capita in the country
Second in greenhouse cucumber production in the country
Third in production of pistachio in the country
Fifth in production of apricot in the country
Forth in the production of pomegranates in the country
Seventh in saffron production in the country.
Ninth in almond production in the country.
Ninth in olives production in the country.

Capabilities and Advantages of Agriculture Section

Varied and valuable plan and animal genetic resources and also rich source of solar energy
Enough skilled and experienced native human force to utilize soil and water resources (especially in uncommon ways)
Having a top ranking in producing some agricultural, gardening and livestock products in the country (madder, pistachio, saffron, almond, greenhouse products, pomegranate, quail meat, milk, etc.)
Higher utilization of production resources in agriculture section comparing to the country’s average
High quality of most of the province’s products and export quality of some of them (pistachio, pomegranate, saffron, madder, and greenhouse products)

Investment Priorities in the Agriculture Section:

Consulting and contracting activities to enhance quality and utilization in agriculture and livestock husbandry
Creating process and supplementary industries in agriculture section and rural industries.
Developing livestock husbandry modern complexes
Developing cultivation and utilization of medicinal and industrial plants and creation of related industries
Developing the centers for providing services related to the biological control of pests and plant diseases and plant nutrition using the micro, macro , organic and microbial fertilizers
Producing biological pesticides and microbial fertilizers for agricultural uses
Producing improved seeds, sapling and scion
Identifying and optimal utilization of water, saline soil and non-conventional water resources.
Development of greenhouse parks.