Social and Cultural Characteristics

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Comparing with the other provinces, Yazd has strong educational structures, the point that is reflected in its rate of literacy, per capita of educational facilities in different educational levels, number of university students in proportion to the population and etc. These indicators have had positive effects on the other development indices of the province such as public health and medical care, industry and service. The literacy rate of Yazd province in 1395 (2016) was 90.9%. Comparing with literacy rate of the country (87.6%), the province of Yazd the Fourth position in the country ranking in this regard as well. Number of the students in 2016-2017 educational year were 202991. Chartable people willing to build school are frequent in this province and it is another important feature of the province's education. The existence of high educational institutions and numerous students has set the Yazd province as the scientific pole of the country. Science and Technology Park is one of the centers that act as a bridge between university and industry and pave the way for research and industrial development.