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Yazd, the Land of Investment Opportunity

Investment has been recognized as one of the most fundamental factors of national and regional development and preparing the ground to attract it is of great importance in the Islamic Republic of Iran’s 20-year document of future perspective. Yazd province authorities have considered domestic and foreign investment attraction as the most important priority in the economic plans of the province according to the recent changes in investment financing and major policies of resistive economy as a crucial tool for creating huge capital needed in different projects in the province.

To this end and to increase the practicality of present experience and promotion of knowledge among governmental authorities and private sector participants with regard to investment attraction, The CD of "Yazd, the Land of Opportunities "has been prepared aiming to accelerate the different kinds of investment. This CD presents the advantages, potentials, capabilities, opportunities, and the projects ready for investment.

Yazd, the precious gem of the desert and firmer than its high mountains, is a city as magnificent as history and as glorious as the civilization of Iran. Nowadays civilization has accepted technological progress; Yazd has been a pioneer in providing sustainable energy and is located, as the heaven of energy, in the crossroad of Iran’s energy exchange.

Special economic zone, different industrial parks, various academic centers, science and technology parks, well-equipped hospitals, and international airports are some of the province’s potentials indicating that the necessary infrastructures have been provided for the investors.

Highly cultured and hardworking people of this land have registered the city in the world list of UNESCO as the first alive historic city of Iran and host the tourists from all around the world with souvenirs such as sweets, Cashmere, gold, pottery, and various handicrafts.

Also the industrial and mining province of Yazd is enjoying of great potential of graduates and elites. In terms of geography and communication, it is a crossroad and the crossing point of the north-south and west-east roads and considered as one of the most important provinces in combined transportation.

We hope that this CD be able to introduce the features of the province and its perspectives, attract domestic and foreign capitals and prepare the ground for the development of the province.

Mahmood Zamani Qomi                                
The Governor General and the Chairman of Yazd’s Investment Service Center

The issue of investment in the process of economic and social development is of great importance; in fact investment has to be considered as the precondition and actually the necessary condition of production. Economists consider investment as the driving force and the engine of economic growth and development and have designed all the necessary patterns according to this assumption.

In most of the experts’ view there is a significant and inevitable relationship between growth and the amount of investment so that it is impossible to reach the first without having the second. Optimized use of production resources which is an accepted strategy is only possible through investment and it approves the importance of investment in economic growth and development. Increasing the productive forces of the society that leads to production growth, economic development, perfect employment, and especially income growth is not possible without domestic and foreign investment and using capitals in different economic activities and that’s why investment is considered as the most basic factor of regional and national development.

One of the approaches presented by the experts to pave the way to attract different kinds of investment is presenting appropriate and accessible information of investment characteristics to national and international investment centers. Providing right, timely, and accessible information increases the motivation of investors to start their activity in the province. In fact clear and accessible information motivates the investors to evaluate the projects and the flow of investment in the province will be facilitated and accelerated. To this goal, Yazd’s Investment service Center has compiled and designed the CD of “Yazd, the Land of Brilliant Investment Opportunities” including introduction of the province, advantages and potentials of investment in different sectors, general and especial opportunities for investment, the regulations related to attracting and supporting the investors, and number of questions and answers considering foreign investors attraction. This picture CD has been provided in the province for the first time in both Persian and English languages. We hope it can be a good guide to introduce this province to potential domestic and foreign investors and prepare the ground for investment in the province more than before.

Ali Namazi                                
Genelal Manager of Economic and Financial Affairs
Vice Chairman of Yazd’s Investment Service Center