Economic features and Investment Potential

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Due to climatic and geographical conditions of the province, industrial activities have been booming since a long ago. The province’s productions such as pottery, ceramic, tiles and textile products have been proverbial. Considering rich mines, Yazd province has been one of the industrial provinces of the country and it is the sixth amongst the provinces of the country regarding different industrial and mining indices.

Some of these indices are:
  • Share of ceramics and tiles products       45.3 percent
  • Share of textile products                          25 percent
  • Share of steel billet production                15 percent

According to available statistics, active units in the province are over 3307, with investment size of more than 104846 billion Rials and employment of over 97632 people and more than 8000 different industrial products in different industrial fields.

There are also more than 1749 inchoate projects with more than 20 percent physical progress and predicted investment of over 150108 billion Rials creating more than 61861 job opportunities in the province.