Investment infrastructure

Infrastructures of Yazd province
1. Energy

The amount of the consumed electricity in the province is less than the capacity of its power stations.
Yazd province as energy crossroads of the country through 400 kilovolt lines with the provinces of Khorasan, Kerman and Isfahan and through the 230 kV line with Fars province exchanges energy.
The nominal capacity of Yazd province's designated power plants is 2,700 MW while the power consumption peak in Yazd province is 1432 MW. This amount of consumed energy is 71.2% in the industrial and mining sectors, 9.1% in agriculture, 13.2% in households and 6.5% in public and commercial sectors.
By announcing the Small Gas Scale Generation Instructions in 2008, it was possible to conclude five-year guaranteed power purchase contracts with small-scale generators. The licenses issued in this regard have been more than 300 MW, of which 218 MW have PPA contract and about 115 megawatts have been exploited.


Due to the government's policy to replace fossil fuels with natural gas, most of the cities, counties, rural districts, economic centers, greenhouses, and industrial parks of the province are connected or soon will be connected to natural gas network.
At present, the required gas of the province is provided though 5 stable national gas lines. According to gas development document of the province confirmed and approved by the province's officials and the Ministry of Oil, in the prediction of main industries’ consumption’, the gas required by these industries as the primary material has been considered; so construction of three petrochemical units in Abarkouh, Khatam and Meybod are approved by the Council of Ministers and is ready to accept investors.

2. Industrial parks and regions

In order to provide suitable infrastructural facilities for investment and organizing industrial activities from 1985 up to now, 13 industrial parks, one special economic zone, 14 rural industrial areas and five industrial regions with more than 7000 hectares were constructed in different parts of the province.

3. Special Economic Zone

This zone is located in a 10 km distance from Yazd province and its area is about 570 hectares. The activities of the zone are in three sections of industry, trade, and service. Its location near national railway network, Yazd international airport, Tehran-Bandar Abbas road and the city of Yazd, having customs and vicinity to public storehouse complex and Yazd industrial park with more than 600 industrial units have paved the way for a rapid economic development of the region. All the infrastructure facilities such as water, electricity, gas ... are ready for the economic units

4. Transportation

Yazd has 640 km of main roads, 960 km of secondary roads, 727 km of highways, and doesn’t have freeway. The length of rural roads (asphalted, graveled and earthen) is 5876 km which is about 2275 km of that paved road. The province has 1086 km of railway and an airport with the capacity of 3007 flights annually (657161 people in national flights and 46741 people in international flights were transferred). Being in the middle of country and having several active mines making Yazd one of the best transportation provinces in the country.

5. Telecommunications

Geographical position of the province, suitable infrastructure, extensive optical fiber network, application of modern technologies, skilled human force, the Science and Technology park and its developing centers focusing on IT and execution of many software projects have made a desirable status for the province in this regard. The telephone, cell phone and internet coefficients of the province are 48.06%, 122%, and 93.98% respectively. Covering 80% of the connective roads of the province, telecommunication covering of all rural agglomerations with more than 100 households and execution of more than 4800 km optical fiber network are the indices of the province in this regard.

5-7. Customs

Yazd customs was established in 1365(1986) and has been active in the fields of imports and exports, temporary entrance and exit, internal transit, postal parcels, passenger transport, and other related affairs.
Facilities available for the clients at Yazd customs are: using modern computer systems, using subtle monitoring and controlling tools able to expedite necessary operations and being equipped with international asycuda and coding systems in its technical department helping to prevent time waste, decrease in current expenses, and accuracy in customs formalities.