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Khatam is located in the most Southern part of Yazd province 240 km far from the province. Its area is about 8350 km2 and its population is 36562 persons. This city has two main districts (central and Marvast), and four rural districts. As this city is in the vicinity of Fars and Kerman provinces, it has special cultural and ethnic features. The big part of the city is under forest cover, Bagh-e-Shadi wild pistachio forests and Chenar-e-Naz mountain almond forests are among the plant covers of this area. Plenty of water resources such as vast underground water resources and its locating near the path of Vavanat River made the city appropriate for agriculture. Artzin well in Khatam is an example of ample water in this area. Khatam is the center of agricultural activities of the province. Livestock husbandry is also common in this city. The most important agricultural products of this city are wheat, barley, pomegranate, pistachio and especially grape, apricot, cereals and different kinds of oil-seeds especially sunflower. The production of grape in Khatam, considering the amount and quality, is remarkable in the province. Hand-woven carpet, Giveh and kilim are important handicrafts products of the city. Tombs of Sheikh Abd Allah in Marvast, Sheikh Baha Al-din and Sied Noor Al-din, Ab Ali Spring, Bagh-e-Shadi jungle ,castles (Marvast, Mohammad Bagheri in Harat, Gabri in Sarcheshmeh Mountain and Mohamad Karim Khan) and Miraab Mill in Harat are the tourist attractions of this city. From the most considerable capacities and potential of the city it can be pointed to the vast and fertile lands for agriculture, the potential for creating process and complementary agricultural industries, two industrial areas (Harat and Marvast) and numerous ore deposits of scarce soil elements and mineral stores of ornamental stones, its location near Arsanjan-Rafsanjan gas transition line and potential for developing petrochemical industries.