General characteristics of Yazd province

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-Climatology Yazd province is totally situated in a dry region with hot and dry summers and dry and cold winters. Direction of wind in the first six months of the year is from the Northwest, from Aban to Bahman changes to the Southeast and for the two months of Esfand and Mehr it is from the West. The average rainfall of statistical period is 50 mm in Yazd city and 90 mm in the province. The Maximum and minimum temperatures are 45.6 °c and –4.8 °c respectively and average sundial over a year is approximately 3369 hours. Extensive deserts and mountainous spaces created different climate in Yazd. Raising and mountainous regions, due to aerographic phenomenon receive more rainfall, besides; the high altitude has led to lower temperature and the creation of semi-dry and semi-wet climates. Shirkouh mountains range and beautiful villages near it, are the province's point of strength regarding tourism development and pave the way for industrial and urbanization development in the province and the region.