Investment Infrastructures

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Yazd’s Especial Zone of Science and Technology

In order to achieve its goals and plans, Yazd Special zone of Science and Technology is seeking to create clean and low-water industries, and focus on the six advantages of the province and by applying tax incentives, financial and non-financial incentives, They will support them with the goal of creating value added and wealth creation.

  • Environmental standards.
  • Low-water activities.
  • The use of superior information and communication technology in industrial or service-manufacturing units.
  • Involvement in research and development.

Yazd province's special science and technology zones has been expanded around the city center of Mehriz-Yazd-Ardakan. In this area, five important cities of the province (Yazd, Ardakan, Meybod, Ahzar and Mehriz) are located and are the focus of many of the main resources and capacities of the province. This range has a very geopolitical position, so that very good infrastructure around this axis has been created. Some of these infrastructures include:

  • Multiple and valid scientific and educational centers.
  • Science and Technology Park.
  • Industrial clusters of ceramic tiles, textiles and ...
  • Multiple and advanced medical and health centers.
  • Institute of Royan Branch.
  • Special Economic Zone.
  • Multiple Industrial Towns.
  • ICT Specialist Town.
  • Rail links.
  • Roadway axes.
  • International Airport.
  • Dry port.
  • Industrial and service units in the field of ICT and Electronics.
  • International Exhibition.
  • Great Yazd Stadium.
  • Welfare Services.